Turner Pocock: Carnival Collaboration

“Carnival Green has been a long time favourite in the Turner Pocock studio - so much so that at one time we had to ban it from being used in projects! But that didn't last long because it's such a great starting point for schemes we just couldn't help ourselves - it uses 4-5 colours so can be taken in lots of different directions and is a great 'linking fabric'. It was chatting about the brilliance of the multi colours in Carnival with Michal that got the collaboration started. We had always thought about how fab it could look recoloured in teals/corals so that was the first colourway we worked on - it was a bit daunting working on such an iconic design and it took a few attempts to get the mid tone right but the contrast between the teal and coral works brilliantly and the darker outline to the leaves gives a more graphic quality to the print than the previous incarnations.

Having understood the complexity of the design in our coral trials we then set our minds to a new blue colourway and it was an instant success - it came off the printing table perfectly balanced on the first strike and we're about to use this as fabric walling in a bedroom and couldn't be more excited about how it's going to look.

The last colourway stemmed from us thinking about creating calmer bedroom schemes - we are having a bit of a 'dirty pink' moment in the studio and have found lots of clients wanting it in their bedrooms. But we introduced the green to the palette to stay true to the reason we love Carnival - the multi colours!”




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