Tord Boontje

Christopher Farr, a company renowned for collaborating with great Artists and Designers, are thrilled to work with Tord Boontje for the first time on a new fabric and wallpaper collection.

The designs created for CLOTH are based on the English Garden and comprise of two printed fabrics, a woven fabric and a wallpaper.

Boontje, over the past 20 years, has been a key figure in the movement away from Minimal design to return to more decorative themes.

Boontje’s work anticipated the recent revival of interest in craft and ornament, showing it was possible for a designer to use hand-making processes combined with new technology whilst simultaneously working closely with industry. His work captures a completely new expression, and at the same time incorporates a sentiment that can be recognised without being nostalgic.


"I had a very strong desire to make my own home like a nest, like a very loving environment," he explains. "I wanted to make the home softer, warmer and more humane."

Tord Boontje


"I think now the world has got many more voices, many more attitudes to what an environment can be."

Tord Boontje




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