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Himba takes its inspiration from an old ethnic weave that Michal discovered while traveling. Building upon the original design, the weave structure was opened to impart a more contemporary feel, highlighting the balance of the pattern. The choice of yarns introduces a subtle ombré effect within the design itself.

Karoo Perennials® Performance Weave

Karoo draws inspiration from Indian textiles and the traditional art of hand-weaving. Envision the design as a sketch, where varied lines and patination are translated into the woven form, creating a unique and intricate woven pattern.


We Sailed Away as a fabric is a nautical odyssey by Donna Wilson. The design beckons you to immerse yourself in a visual voyage, awakening a deep sense of boundless exploration and awe for the natural wonders inspired by Fogo Island’s coastal landscapes.


Donna Wilson’s artistic interpretation breathes life into traditional motifs, beautifully weaving together the essence of Fogo Island’s unique cultural tapestry. Through scenes reminiscent of Toile de Jouy, this design invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating stories and heritage of Fogo Island, creating a harmonious fusion of classic elegance and Newfoundland’s coastal charm.


Make Fish is a heartfelt tribute to the noble cod that has been a sustaining force for generations of Newfoundlanders. This captivating design is brought to life by Nick Herder, one of the original architects of Fogo Island Inn. Make Fish embodies the deep connection between the island’s inhabitants and the essential role played by the cod in their lives. With intricate details and a touch of artistic reverence, Nick Herder’s design pays homage to the cultural and historical significance of this noble creature. Join us in celebrating the enduring legacy of the cod through this beautifully crafted piece.


Island Atmosphere is a design by Nick Herder that masterfully captures the ever-changing and enchanting light of Fogo Island’s weather. This unique piece reflects the diverse atmospheric conditions that paint the island’s landscape with a mesmerizing palette. Nick’s creation brings to life the dynamic interplay of light, showcasing the island’s atmospheric nuances. From the soft glow of dawn to the vibrant hues of sunset, “Island Atmosphere” invites you to experience the magic of Fogo Island’s weather in a captivating tapestry of colour and mood.


We Sailed Away is an original design crafted by British textiles artist Donna Wilson. Conceived during her residency on Fogo Island, this wallpaper artfully captures the vast expanse of sea and horizon, offering glimpses of migrating whales. The design evokes a profound sense of boundless exploration and natural wonder, inviting you to embark on a visual journey inspired by the unique beauty of Fogo Island’s maritime landscapes.


Set the Scene is Donna Wilson’s rendition of the timeless French fabric Toile de Jouy, a piece that vividly captures scenes from Fogo Island. This design serves as a visual narrative, offering glimpses into the rich heritage of Fogo Island’s outport Newfoundland community.


Hello, I’m Theodore Lion. I like reading novels and taking naps.Theodore is our mane man. This little lion has a soft knitted body, dressed in Christopher Farr cloth and crowned with a thick, felted hair-do. He is made from 100% lambswool stuffed with recycled polyester stuffing. Suitable for ages 3+. All creatures are knitted in the UK using the softest yarns. Each one is assembled and embroidered by hand – you can find the name of each creature’s maker on its cardboard tag. We package each one in a drawstring cotton bag and we give each creature a little squeeze before sending it to its new home. Dry clean only. Treat any soils or spills as soon as possible by soaking up any excess liquid and dabbing the soiled area with cold water.